All Toners are Not Created Equally

Nadine Holloway

I hope you are staying safe and well in our lockdown.  I thought I would write a little paragraph or two on toners.

Some Toners have had a bad press - and rightly so!  We all know that feeling when you've used an expensive toner and it's so harsh, that it leaves your skin feeling stripped of every bit of moisture - a thing that most of us need to avoid.

That's not what Environ Toners do.  We prefer to think of them as Treatment Lotions - an integral part of your am and pm  skincare routine.  There's so much more to them than ensuring the removal of every last bit of make-up and cleanser

Environ have 5 Toners - all in different ranges - so I'll take you on a walk through..............

To give it  it's full title Botanical Infused Moisturisng Toner.  This is probably the one most Environ users have tried.  It's perfect for all skin types and with lactic acid, it mildly exfoliates to smooth and soften the skin.  It also has niacinamide  (Vit B3) which improves an uneven skin tone, Panthenol (Vit B5) which hydrates and a mixture of botanical extracts which calms and again hydrates the skin.

Perfect for year round use and it's ideal when you want to really prepare your skin so that the active ingredients from your Eye Gel and Moisturiser can be more easily absorbed.


Youth EssentiA Vitapeptide Toner - This toner is especially good for mature skins and photo-damaged skins.  it contains witchhazel which is great for reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and the  peptide Matrixyl 3000 which enhances the production of collagen.

Yes - It's in the Body range - but it's a really over looked facial toner.  It has more lactic acid than the Skin EssentiA Toner - making it a stronger exfoliator and perfect for really dry skins - really enhancing the penetration of the moisturiser.   It also inhibits melanin production so again a great choice if you also have issues with pigmentation. 

It's also used in clients with rosacea and great for shaving rash - not to forget it's also a perfect body product to use before you apply your Body ACE Oil

We'll call this one Sebutone for short.  It's from the Focus Care Clarity+ range and we tend to keep it in reserve for acne or really oily skins.  It contains salicylic and lactic acid which both help to break down the glue which holds dead skin cells together blocking the pores.  It also balances sebum production and with tea tree leaf oil helps to accelerate wound healing.

Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner - This toner has a medium concenetration of Glycolic Acid - so you need to be acclimatised to mild levels of Vitamin A before using.  it gently micro-exfoliates to refine the skin and mimimises bacterial growth so can be used in acne prone skins.

It can also be used for rough, photo-damaged skins

One thing about skin - there are no hard and fast rules.  What works in the summer might not work in winter, what works for your friend or sister won't always work for you. What your skin needs at the start of your Environ journey, will be different 2 years down the line.

What toners have I got on the shelf? Well one of the joys of having a Medical Aesthetics clinic on the premises which is fully stocked with Environ and or course for reasons of research I've tried them all.  At the moment I alternate - Skin EssentiA Moisturising Toner - I use all over my face,neck and upper chest, Dermalac - perfect for getting ready for fake tan application when mixed with Body ACE Oil and really good for along the jaw-line when areas of congestion pop up, Alpha hydroxy - I love it to dab on spots when they rear their head - definitely shortens their life.  I also like to mix it with dermalac before I roll - (not quite sure what Environ protocol that is though).  Abbie will go mad - but she has Sebutone somewhere on her dressing table - she's 15 - so it's great for keeping teenage breakouts at bay.

All the toners are available online - except alpha hydroxy (due to the Glycolic Acid) but it's in the clinic, so just contact me here if you need it..

If you have any questions, please just e-mail me and I'll get in touch with you

Stay safe and take care


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